TAMFI project gains the EUREKA! label

The TAMFI project is a Trans-Atlantic collaboration between Pennotec (UK), Terraverdae Bioworks (Canada), Vitrition (UK) and the University of Leeds (UK). The aim of the project is to isolate and formulate health food supplement products from crustacean shellfish by-product streams – for improved human health and wellbeing. Crustacean shell is a composite material that is rich healthy ingredients including Minerals and Chitin. It is also a sustainable source of the natural anti-oxidant astaxanthin. Currently, crustacean shell material is generally disposed of in large quantities by shellfish processors in coastal regions worldwide. This project is aimed at utilising Pennotec’s Industrial Biotechnology platform to isolate the different components and formulate them for use in the food and supplement markets.

Eureka is a publicly funded intergovernmental network involving more than 40 countries. Its aim is to foster innovation-driven relationships in Europe between small and large industry, research institutes and universities.