Sustainable Chitosan-Recovered Aquaculture Feed

In January 2020 Pennotec (Pennog Ltd) was a successful recipient of the Cefas Seafood Innovation Fund Technical Feasibility award. Through this project we were able to demonstrate that our wholly biodegradable solid-liquid separation aid chitosan could be used to selectively remove proteins and oils from fisheries processing effluent. Chitosan formulations are derived from crustacean shell by-product, using Pennotec’s sustainable bio-refinery technology platform.

Examples of chitosan-recovered nutrients from fisheries processing waste streams

We are now excited to announce our collaborative project with Sustainable Feeds Ltd. This exciting project will evaluate the performance of chitosan-recovered fisheries effluents and captured aquaculture bio-solids, dewatered using our chitosan formulations, as a feed source for polychaete worm cultivation. This project is a highly innovative Circular Economy opportunity to convert aquaculture wastes into a new and sustainable source of high value aquaculture feed.