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Wastewater Treatment Products

Pennotec has recently commenced a project in cooperation with a major UK Water Treatment company to develop new, sustainable products from waste for the clean-up of municipal wastewater streams. This project is supported under the SMART Cymru programme and benefits from financial support from the European Regional Development Fund.

The iCRAB Project

Biorefining produces higher value products than other routes for biomass utilisation but often involves more processing with additional costs. To ensure economic sustainability all inputs need to be converted to useful products with minimum processing steps. Crustacean shell, the major by-product from scampi, prawn and crab meat processing contains 20-30% chitin. Chemically extracted chitin is …

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The Value Chain of Biomass Waste

According to the well-established waste hierarchy model of sustainability the re-use and, below re-use in the hierarchy, the recycling of manufacturing waste is a more environmentally sustainable approach to the handling of waste than its disposal or conversion to energy (e.g. biogas). For waste biomass this delineation in the waste hierarchy is not so clear. This is …

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Local Co-operatives Can Lead the Circular Economy

The principles of the Circular Economy model espoused by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation refers to an industrial economy that: • Intentionally restores the energy and materials it consumes. • Seeks to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. • Designs waste out of the life cycle of a product. Principles of the Circular Economy takes insight from …

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