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Sustainable Materials for Phosphorus Removal

Pennotec has recently been undertaken laboratory testing of a sustainable material for the removal of phosphorus from water and waste water streams. The material was prepared from crab shells – a by-product of shellfish processing, which itself would otherwise go to waste. Pennotec was one of seven winners in the first round of an SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) …

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Chitin and Chitosan

Chitin is the second most abundant polymer in nature after cellulose. It is a sustainable natural resource that is ubiquitous but still relatively under-exploited commercially. Chitin is a structural polysaccharide found in the cell walls of fungi, the cuticle of insects, shells and the exoskeleton of crustaceans – its main commercial source. In crustaceans, single-strands …

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Local Co-operatives Can Lead the Circular Economy

The principles of the Circular Economy model espoused by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation refers to an industrial economy that: • Intentionally restores the energy and materials it consumes. • Seeks to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. • Designs waste out of the life cycle of a product. Principles of the Circular Economy takes insight from …

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